Kano OS install on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a Mac

I’ve been really wanting to dive into the Raspberry Pi World for months now for some fun tech R&D projects. I recently set it up for educational purposes for my son this summer. This is the results of my initial effort into our Pi journey from hardware choices to the operating system (OS) installation. Later…

micro:bit etch-a-sketch

I couldn’t help myself one day as I was playing with my son’s micro:bit and the capabilities of Samsung’s micro:bit (official) Android app. Transfering the code via Bluetooth from the app was a bit tricky. Just follow the instructions displayed on the app, it works. I then copied the code and pushed it to my…

SUP on the Coast

This was a great treat forĀ father’s day. My second SUP experience on Sechelt Inlet, paddling from Tuwanek to Sandy Hook boat launch.