Overcoming Creative Blocks

A friend of mine shared a Button UX Design article. I’m gonna do something different here, the following is a kind of free writing exercise about something that struck me as odd and was bugging me. Here it goes… “This article got me thinking about a specific design convention that has bugged me since its emergence.  Material Design tries to…

SUP on the Coast

This was a great treat for father’s day. My second SUP experience on Sechelt Inlet, paddling from Tuwanek to Sandy Hook boat launch.  

Winter Cycling Techniques for the Canadian Prairies

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, can get down to -60 Celsius with the windchill. I lived and biked year-around for over a few years in Saskatoon. I learned many things and want to share them before I forget, since I moved away last year to a warmer place. A lot of posts and articles out there focus on what to wear and the bike equipment, I’d rather focus here on riding techniques since it’s just as important.