Flashback: The New Rockstar Philosophy iPad Book App

Today I was reminiscing about a project I haven’t shared here. Six years ago I took on one of my most interesting projects. Working with authors, a graffiti artist, a videographer, musicians, and IndieInk Publishing we created the NRP iPad Book App. A bit of history though, a month before Professor Ralph Deters (my Masters…

Kano OS install on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a Mac

I’ve been really wanting to dive into the Raspberry Pi World for months now for some fun tech R&D projects. I recently set it up for educational purposes for my son this summer. This is the results of my initial effort into our Pi journey from hardware choices to the operating system (OS) installation. Later…

Erlang Workshop Slides

Two sets of slides were presented at the Erlang Workshop in Saskatoon on September 17, 2009. One on Erlang data storage modules and the other on Erlang-based Mochiweb and Webmachine.