Flashback: The New Rockstar Philosophy iPad Book App

Today I was reminiscing about a project I haven’t shared here. Six years ago I took on one of my most interesting projects. Working with authors, a graffiti artist, a videographer, musicians, and IndieInk Publishing we created the NRP iPad Book App.

A bit of history though, a month before Professor Ralph Deters (my Masters Mentor/Supervisor) introduced me to the project, I got an email from my friends Matt Voyno and Roshan Hoover about proofreading their book, The New Rockstar Philosophy. I did so and loved the book! Fast-forward a month, coincidentally I was introduced to the project which was an interactive app version of the book.

After investing much time in the design and UX of the app, researching technologies, and learning Adobe Indesign and its Digital Publishing Suite, we created something special. The iPad book had a unique navigation UI with parallax effect on the art showcased in the beginning of each chapter. It also had videos and a place to store notes! It took quite the challenging fusion of tools and technologies to get it launched, and I had the freedom to pick it all with no regrets! What else can a dev ask for?

The app was launched at MOSO Fest 2014 but unfortunately it’s no longer available. More details on the project can still be found in the NRP website. Oh the good ol’ days…