A World with Professional Website Certification

What would the Web be if professionally built websites could be periodically checked and certified? A process that our houses or any physical building has to go through. There’s a lot more to websites than the look and feel, just like there’s more to a house than it’s look and feel. Most people aren’t aware but there are…

iTunes’ Star Icon

When I first saw the Star icon I thought I won some kind of badge for using iTunes everyday. I was very confused after clicking it. Something about the association was off; then I could sort of see it, as in starring something I liked, but it’s still odd and feels out of place. I guess I can get use to it. Kind…

Winter Cycling Techniques for the Canadian Prairies

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, can get down to -60 Celsius with the windchill. I lived and biked year-around for over a few years in Saskatoon. I learned many things and want to share them before I forget, since I moved away last year to a warmer place. A lot of posts and articles out there focus on what to wear and the bike equipment, I’d rather focus here on riding techniques since it’s just as important.

PInGo (Pain Information on the go)

This iPod Touch app was built for Susan Tupper‘s clinical study. PInGo was used by children with chronic pain, allowing them to fill out an electronic survey to show how they feel at different times of the day. The app I built with Tupper investigated the intensity of the participant’s chronic pain at different intervals…

Erlang Workshop Slides

Two sets of slides were presented at the Erlang Workshop in Saskatoon on September 17, 2009. One on Erlang data storage modules and the other on Erlang-based Mochiweb and Webmachine.